Founder, Publisher , Composer & Designer

Mk Sabbir Rahman | MKSR Record

Mk Sabbir Rahman
is a Bangladeshi Singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer. He was born in 20th July 2001. Mk Sabbir Rahman is the Founder of MKSR Record.
He is very passionate about his carrier. From his childhood, Sabbir wanted to be a Engineer but lately became an artist in Bangladesh Music Industry.
Sabbir founded “MKSR Record” on 5th January 2017 along with his friend Sabbir Ahmed Sajib is the Manager of MKSR Record.

About Mk Sabbir Rahman

MK Sabbir Rahman | MKSR Record
  • Designation: Web Developer, Composer & Publisher
  • Record Label : MKSR Record
  • Active Year : 2022 to present
  • Genre : Folk, Rock, Fusion
  • Skills : Web Designing, Digital Marketing
  • Hobby : Travelling, Singing.
  • Hometown : Gazipur
  • Birthday : 20th July
  • Influences : James (Nagarbaul), Tahsan, Atif Aslam, Zunayed Evan, Anupam Roy, Anjan Dutt, A.R. Rahman, Ayub Bacchu to name a few.
  • Quote : "Everyone has a weak point but you are not everyone”


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